About ACTS


Alaska's Cub Training Specialists.llc was established in 1998 to provide off- field and mountain flight training to prepare pilots to fly into the most dangerous aviation environment in the world - Alaska's bush. Our syllabi go beyond a classic flight instruction program teaching pilots the skills needed to fly into the remote, mountainous terrain in both summer or winter. Recognizing that Alaska's aviation accident rate is 5 times worse the lower 48, we are committed to arming each pilot with the skills, confidence and knowledge he may need to face brutal arctic conditions. To validate our training, we take seasonal expeditions around the state to test every detail of our training and the mettle of our pilots

 Snow Strip

2003 November Graduation Trip to the Nowitna River
10 days of Flying at 20 below

What we are not!

ACTS is not a hunting or fishing guide service. We are not transporters for non-pilots to Alaskan activities. We are a flight training company only and we invest our time, effort and resources specifically in training pilots to fly and survive in Alaska. Our tours are aviation focused and we do not guide fisherman, hunters, bear watchers or beach combers though perhaps they may choose those activities on their "you fly" adventures. Our employees are strictly flight instructors competent in bush aviation, ground protection of aircraft and use of survival gear. Though we encourage visitors to live out their passion to climb a mountain, dig for clams, or camp with the bears, we are only the transportation and training to get you there. In Alaska, we expect you to take full responsibility for all your actions in the air and on the ground. Before you fly with us you will read, clarify, and sign an extensive waiver indicating the above. Though our employees may have knowledge in many outdoor activities they are not climb instructors, river guides, bear guides, etc. and ACTS will not be responsible for injuries, trauma or death for any activity including flying. We reserve the right to refuse service or instruction to anyone who does not exhibit the diligence, caution, or skills to operate off field in this state.

We do not instruct on floats though we are all float rated and encourage all Alaska pilots to get their float ratings. Ski flying in winter incorporates many float techniques and we use the float terminology and procedures where they are apply to ski flying. We recommend Dragonfly Aero in Homer (Dragonfly Aero) or Scenic Mountain Air (Scenic Mt. Air) in Moose Pass, AK or Acme at Lake Hood in Anchorage where we send most of our students for their float ratings. These schools run solid float programs if you are seeking a rating. If you are both float rated and bush wheel trained we welcome your opinion as to which you like best. Alaska pilots are virtually divided when put to that test.

 Our Clients

Our clients are hunters, fishermen, oil men, photographers, sightseers or explorers. They range from Alaskan teenagers to retired airline pilots with one common characteristic. Each recognizes that Alaskan aviation requires special skills and training to beat the odds. We have the experience, equipment and location to practice operations on gravel bars, beaches, glaciers and mountains. We tailor the training to the experience of each pilot to instill confidence while exposing each to the myriad of situations that an Alaskan bush pilot might face on any given day.