Meet the Owners

Jay Baldwin , CFI A&G

DSC00719Jay has spent over thirty years in aviation. He earned a glider rating 1971, got his Air Force Pilot wings in 1975 and spent the rest of the '70s instructing in T-37 military trainers. On his days off, he managed a glider operation, towedwith Maules, and instructed in Cherokee Arrows. In the '80s he flew T-33s and F106 for the Montana Air Guard and in the '90s transitioned to F-16s and flew Boeing 747s for Northwest Airlines. In 1997, he moved to the aviation center of the world (Alaska) hoping to employ a bush instructor to show him the nuances of Alaska flying. To his dismay, he learned that to become a bushpilot you had to buy an aircraft, wreck several times and if you were still alive you could claim the title. Drawing from his prior experience, he wrote a syllabus and started training students in off-field operations. An avid hunter, Jay has flown his Cub into high mountain strips in the Wrangles, onto glaciers in the Kenai, beaches on Kodiak and the pack ice of the Bering Sea. Jay is the creator and author of a threat-based flight training program he named “Survival Flying”. He is under contract with the State of Alaska to train their wildlife troopers with his revolutionary program. During the winter months, he travels outside Alaska doing aviation seminars and teaching “survival flying” concepts to instructors and pilots around the world.

Sandy Baldwin, Scheduler / Office Manager

SandySandy, though not rated, has logged hundreds of hours in both seats of the Super Cub. She has flown on every Iditarod expedition since 1998, exercised our overnight survival gear to 25 below and camped with the brown bears on remote beaches. She is a transplanted Texan, that has been slowly dragged northward over her married life. She is a mother of 5, grandmother of four and friend of all. She is a great cook, office manager and has tolerated marriage to a fighter pilot / bush instructor for 30 years. She has watched a teenage son cut his teeth on bush flying. She is the only reason we can be Cub Training Specialists because Sandy does everything else.