Our Aircraft

DSC00869 We use the legendary Piper Super Cub modified with numerous Alaskan modifications for all our training and expeditions. It is, quite frankly, the best aircraft imaginable for tail drag instruction, sight seeing and short field performance. On wheels or skis, the Super Cub allows us access to remote unimproved sites far to short or rough for other aircraft. The Cub is slow, simple, reliable and lonely; lonely for it resides in a class of it's own, set apart by its awesome performance and agility at slow speed. We maintain them in top condition because bush flying demands no less.

Our aircraft are "survival ready" at all times. We carry survival gear for two including a tent, sleeping bags, food, cooking gear, medical kit, tie down anchors and ropes, tool kit, bug netting and a survival shotgun with flares, slugs and birdshot. On "you fly" tours we carry a satellite phone in the flight. We train as we will fly so most flights start right at the max gross weight of the Cub. Our philosophy is "Be prepared to stay."